Auntie Ethel Loot Bg3

Auntie Ethel Loot In BG3: Wand And Spellthief

Auntie Ethel is a formidable boss encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3, presenting a significant challenge with her powerful spells and attacks.

Auntie Ethel becomes a challenging boss fight, particularly during the opening act.

Despite appearing early in the game, Auntie Ethel proves to be a fierce opponent.

Auntie Ethel’s Abilities In BG3

Auntie can use spells and attacks that pose a significant threat to a group of adventurers, even at a relatively high level.

Moreover, this boss fight consists of multiple phases, with obstacles and minions adding to the challenge.

As players progress through the game, they uncover more about Auntie Ethel’s sinister actions.

Additionally, they uncover her involvement in the death campaign. 

While the option to engage in a hostile encounter with Auntie Ethel is present.

How To Find Auntie Ethel In BG3?

If Players are interested in getting the Auntie Ethel Mask, players need to follow the steps;

  1. Encounter with Auntie Ethel in the South of Blighted Village, Sulit Westlands.
Meeting Auntie Ethel in the Soth of Blighted Village. 
  1. Enter the Tea house and Confront Auntie Ethel.
TEa House BG3
Entering the Tea house to confront Auntie Ethel.
  1. Enter the Hidden Passage inside the Fireplace.
Fireplce BG3
Heading towards a hidden passage inside the Fireplace.
  1. Pass through the Gnarled Door, grab the Whispering Mask, and equip it.
Walking  through the Gnaked Door to pick up the Whispering Mask
  1. Cross through the door, quickly unequip the Mask, and Head towards the Ancient Abode to face Ethle again.
auntie ethel masks
Visiting the Ancient Abode to battle with Auntie Ethel.
  1. After Reaching the Ancient Adobe location, defeat Auntie Ethel and grab the Mak from her Corpse.
auntie ethel masks
Extracting the Mask from Auntie Ethel’s dead body.

How To Fight Auntie Ethel In BG3? 

Fighting Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves these steps which are as follow;

1. Initial Encounter: Encounter Auntie Ethel at the Riverside Teahouse. Decide whether to engage in combat with her or not.

2. Locate Ancient Abode: Accompany Auntie Ethel through the fireplace located in the Overgrown Tunnel to access her sanctuary, known as the Ancient Abode.

3. Battle Begins: Start the battle by damaging Auntie Ethel at the Ancient Abode.

4. Fire Threat To Mayrina: The witch fires Mayrina’s cage, so Utilize Create Water or any water-based items to douse the flames and stop the cage from burning.

Use "Create Water" or water items to extinguish the fire.
Use Create Water or water items to extinguish the Fire.

5. Illusion Phase 1: Auntie Ethel becomes invisible and conjures three illusions of herself. Use Magic Missile or Witch Bolt spells on the duplicates to unveil the genuine Hag. Area of Effect (AoE) spells like Burning Hands or Pin Down can also be effective for this purpose.

6. Second Illusion Phase: As Auntie Ethel’s health diminishes, she once again duplicates herself. Continue the strategy of focusing on her clones to expose her true form

7. Defeat Auntie Ethel:
Persist in attacking Auntie Ethel until her health points are entirely depleted, thus defeating her in combat.

Once you defeat Auntie Ethel, you can receive the loot that can be used further in the game.

Auntie Ethel Loot In BG3

Upon emerging victorious over Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be rewarded with valuable loot, including:

  1. 250 XP: You’ll gain experience points as a reward for overcoming this challenging encounter.
  2. Three Potions of Hill Giant Strength: These potions temporarily enhance character strength, granting advantages in combat and other actions.
  3. Spellthief: A unique item obtained from Auntie Ethel, possessing special properties to aid your character.
  4. Corellon’s Grace: A quarterstaff renowned for its suitability for unarmored characters and imbued with magical effects.
  5. Auntie Ethel’s Hair: This item boasts a unique attribute, providing a +1 bonus to an ability score, thus enhancing your character’s capabilities.
  6. Auntie Ethel’s Mask: Auntie Ethel’s Masks are the Headgear she uses to transform herself into a Horrifying witch.

After extracting the loot, players can opt to Save Mayrina by interacting with the Control Orb.

Enquire to Interact with Mayrina, then follow the Wooden door to grab the Bitter Divorce to complete the Quest. 

Auntie Ethel’s Wand: Bitter Divorce Use

To utilize Auntie Ethel’s wand in Baldur’s Gate 3, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have obtained the Bitter Divorce from Auntie Ethel’s workshop after defeating her.
  2. Open your character’s inventory and locate the Bitter Divorce wand.
Auntie Ethel Wand BG3
  1. Using the wand, locate the corpse of a deceased character or creature you wish to resurrect. Approach the corpse and interact with it.
  2. In the interaction menu, select the Bitter Divorce wand as your action. This will activate the wand’s resurrection ability.
  3. The resurrected creature will be under your control, allowing you to use it as an ally in battles. However, remember that it is a mindless zombie and won’t have the same capabilities as a living companion.
  4. Using the wand on Auntie Ethel’s husband can affect Mayrina’s opinion of you. Be prepared for potential reactions based on your choices.


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