Justiciar Crusader BG3

How To Beat Justiciar Crusader In BG3?

Justiciar Crusader is among the undead enemies in BG3, who is extremely rare to encounter.

The Crusader is comparatively difficult to defeat and is typically found in Gauntlet of the Shar.

Additionally, the game offers a unique Umbral Form of the Justiciar Crusader that players can utilize.

Justiciar Crusader In BG3

The Justiciar Crusader is a massive enemy with a metal-like body and high resistance, but it can’t be spoken to.

You can encounter the enemy in instances during Act 2 and Act 3.

The most popular quest where you may encounter the Justiciar Crusader is Shar’s Gauntlet.

Justiciar Crusader BG3
A Justiciar Crusader is an enemy with high resistance and health.

The quest requires you to find Umbral Gems while defeating enemies and obstacles.

Also, players believe defeating this enemy in the quest is much more difficult.

The enemy uses the main hand attack and the Great Sword to inflict enormous damage.

Apart from the Sword, the potent enemy performs attack rolls and weapon actions to weaken the players.

The Justiciar Crusader has a whopping 200 health and the ability to respawn.

Many players are amazed due to the level of hours they put in the game and are still finding new enemies.

Crusader Abilities And Stats In BG3

Dark Justiciar Helm is a helmet that can be worn by the character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is an inventory item worn on the character’s head and provides different benefits.

Also, it can provide benefits such as increased Saving Throws and an advantage on other attacks.

Furthermore, the attacks can hit critical hits on the player wearing the Dark Justiciar Helm.

Also, the helmet is 1 kilogram in weight and has a Medium Armor Proficiency.

In addition, the helmet has a value of 320 GP and can be found at the Grymforge location of the game.

The coordinates of the Grymforge location in Baldur’s Gate 3 are X: -622, Y: 258.

Follow the map co-ordinates in Gauntlet of the Shar.

The Level 7 Dark Judicer has other abilities, including Overwhelming Grief and Subsume Shadow.

The overwhelming grief is powered by the Call of the dark lady penetrating the head and performing Necrotic damage.

Moreover, the Grief Ability’s attack range is around 8m, and its Area of Effect (AoE) is just under 6m.

On the other hand, Subsume Shadow appears when the enemy is on umbral form, and lasts till it dies.

However, the rechargeable ability can only be used when it inflicts more than half HP.

A few other abilities of the Crusaders are as follows;

  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 12
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Wisdom: 8
  • Charisma: 12
  • Darkvision: Ability to see dark up to 12 meters
  • Advantage in Darkness: Can perform attack rolls in darkness
  • Opportunity Attack: Attack when an enemy moves out of its reach
  • Resistance to All Obscured DamageDamage (Obscured): Except force, psychic, and radiant damage.
  • Invincible: Cannot be blinded using any ability
  • Disadvantage in Sunlight: Relatively weaker in sunlight and easier to beat

How To Defeat Justiciar Crusader In BG3?

You can encounter him during the Ketheric Thorm’s Relic or Gaunlet of Shar quest.

In addition, due to its health bar of 200 and respawning mechanism, it is difficult to defeat.

During the Gaunlet of Shar quest, Umbral Tremors will appear once you reach the location.

Umbral Tremor BG3
Umbral Tremors must be destroyed as soon as possible because they spawn enemies.

A Justiciar Crusader will appear if you do not destroy the Umbral Tremors in time.

Players should prioritize the Radiant Damage, including Scorching Ray and Guiding Bolt.

Apart from Radiant Retort, players can lure the mighty foe on the light by using Flashlights and Fire due to its immunity in dark places.

Here are a few other tips to defeat the Justiciar Crusader;

  1. Focus on destroying the Umbral Tremors, as they can spawn more enemies.
  2. Use ranged attacks such as the Magic Missile or Arrow of Lighting.
  3. Use a Moonshield, which will allow you to carry a lantern in one hand to lighten up the darker areas of Gaunlet of Shar.
  4. Make sure to be as quick as possible to destroy the Umbral Tremors.

You can encounter Justiciar Avenger, Justiciar Soulhunter, and Reconstituted Duelist during these Umbral Tremors.


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