Best Games To Emulate On Steam Deck

Best Games To Emulate On Steam Deck

Steam Deck is available in different storage configurations and can be set to run on a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS.

Steam Deck brings the vast library of PC games available on Steam to a portable form factor.

Moreover, this handheld gaming device delivers players a unique and versatile gaming experience.

How To Use The Steam Deck As Game Emulator?

The Steam Deck, crafted by Valve and launched on February 25, 2022, is a portable gaming device.

Capable of running a multitude of games, it showcases compatible titles from the Steam marketplace.

Its design revolves around playing PC games and boasts a custom AMD APU alongside a 7-inch touchscreen.

Furthermore, its control scheme mirrors that of traditional gaming consoles.

Game emulation permits users to enjoy titles tailored for one platform on another.

However, emulating games on the Steam Deck requires some effort.

This guide demonstrates how to use the Steam Deck as a game emulator and initiate games directly from SteamOS;

  1. Push the power button on the Steam Deck
  2. Choose “Switch to Desktop” to access desktop mode.
  3. Visit the EmuDeck website and acquire the EmuDeck installer.
  4. Execute the EmuDeck installer and fetch the necessary files.
  5. Conclude the installation process and activate Expert Mode.
  6. In the subsequent step, opt for either internal storage or utilize an SD card if planning to load ROMs from your PC later.
  7. Once the installation is finished, shut down the EmuDeck installer and revert to the desktop.
  8. Proceed to transfer or download ROM files onto your device, ensuring each ROM is placed in the corresponding console’s designated folder.
Open the file manager and navigate to ROM folder
Open the file manager and navigate to the ROM folder.
  1. If Steam is running in the background, this step will not proceed smoothly. Therefore, shut it down by selecting “Exit.”
  2. Launch the Steam ROM Manager and choose “Preview” within the Steam ROM Manager interface.
Running emulated games on the Steam Deck
Running emulated games on the Steam Deck
  1. Shut down the Steam ROM Manager, click on the “Generate” app, and save the app list. Afterwards, return to Gaming Mode by launching it.

Best Games To Emulate On Steam Deck

Some popular and anticipated games that are playable and the best games on the Steam Deck are listed below.

1. Apex Legend

It is one of the free-to-play battle royale shooter games and is playable on Steam OS and Windows.

Moreover, it features a unique squad-based gameplay mechanic and players can choose from a roster of Legends, each with their own set of abilities.

Once it has a cache built up, it would be smooth.
Once Apex has a cache built up, players can run it smooth.

Apex Legends has achieved the highest compatibility rating of “Verified” on the Steam Deck, indicating it has been thoroughly tested and optimized for seamless performance.

Moreover, the Battle Royale demands a substantial amount of storage, approximately 75GB.

Managing your Steam Deck’s storage or considering an external microSD card may be necessary if space is limited.

2. Blood Hunt

Bloodhunt game is a third-person battle royale shooter game, set in Prague.

The shooter game is playable on Steam OS and Windows and which will cost nothing, but is currently unverified.

While many users enjoy smooth gameplay at 30+ FPS with an 800p resolution, it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary.

Some users might encounter occasional stutters or find that adjustments to settings are necessary to achieve optimal performance.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is the enhanced version of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game developed by Insomniac Games.

Moreover, it is a must-play summer blockbuster on your Steam Deck.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered can offer an enjoyable experience on the Steam Deck, but it’s essential to customize settings, as it is not verified yet.

If you’re comfortable adjusting settings and don’t mind potentially lower frame rates or graphical quality compared to high-end PCs, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered can be a satisfying experience on the Steam Deck.

However, if you prioritize top-tier visuals and performance, playing on a different platform might be preferable.

4. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is another best game to emulate on Steam Deck which runs smoothly with resolution 1280 x 800.

Hence, performance with a Frame rate target of 50 FPS will be best for this game.

Cyberpunk 2077 stands out as an excellent option for the Steam Deck, benefitting from its Verified status and the captivating open-world environment it provides.

With a few change in settings, players can have an immersive experience and visually stunning world of Night City directly from their handheld PC.

5. God Of War

An action-adventure game plays fantastically on the Steam Deck.

However, players need to switch on the FSR performance and ultra-performance options if they want to get the full 60 FPS.

God of War is playable on Steam Deck.
God of War is playable on Steam Deck.

God of War can be playable on the Steam Deck, although it may not offer the seamless experience of a Verified title.

If you’re willing to adjust settings and possibly compromise on graphical fidelity, you can still enjoy the game on your handheld PC.

However, if you prioritize top-tier graphics and performance, you may find a better experience on a different platform.

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