Fish people bg3

BG3 Fish People: Location And Dialogues

BG3 consists of many unique classes and characters, including the Fish People.

The Fish people lie in a secret location, so finding them will be extremely tough without adequate information.

Fish People In BG3: Background And Appearance

The Kuo-toa individuals, known as the Fish people, are integral members of the ancient civilization within the Faerunian Kingdoms.

Fish people represent a fusion of human lineage and aquatic creatures, notably fish.

These beings primarily reside in the Festering Cove situated in the Underdark area.

fish people bg3
Fish People in the Festering Cove.

In the Festering Cove, players can find various unique types of fish people who are usually tiny in size.

How To Find Fish People In BG3?

If players are trying to search for Fish people to have a fun experience, follow the procedure;

1. Selunite Outpost

Depart from the Selunite Outpost, nestled in the depths of the Underdark, to begin your expedition to Festering Cove.

Upon concluding the Outpost, endeavor to locate a window adorned with sizable rock fragments and tangled roots extending beyond its frame.

Selunite post
Reach the Selunite Outpost’s Window.

2. Follow The Cragged Rocks 

Players are advised to exit through the window and navigate through the vines.

Furthermore, they should proceed along the path until they come across Cragged Rock, then utilize the pathway and continue straight until they encounter another one.

Subsequently, they should descend carefully until they spot a towering pillar close to the red flower blossoms.

Head downwards to the pillar.

After reaching the Arcane Temple, players will see its opening, which ensures its close proximity.

Further, search for a Fungus outcropping and use it to get through the Skeleton on the Cragged Rock to reach the Festering Cove.

the Festering Cove
Reach the Festering Cove.

After players enter the Festering Cove, they will see many Fish people praying and chanting wildly.

Events In Fish People’s Festering Cove

Initially, players will only hear the minimal sound of chanting; however, while exploring the area, they will see the Fish people praying to the Boooal, their god.

Following a designated period, one of the former mind-flayer slaves, the kuo-toa, will request a sacrifice from the character to appease their deity and demonstrate reverence.

Where, players will be presented with multiple options to complete the dialogue; players can choose any to progress through. 

Fish people bg3
Select any option to progress the event.

A few Dialogue options with Kuo-Toa Slave and the outcomes are provided below;

Dialogue 1: Become God Of Fish People

The Fish People’s god’s power will slowly fade away, turning him into a common redcap upon Persuasion skill.

Players need to kill him to be called themselves Mahkloompah, a great god, by the Pooldrip, The Zealous, and his folks.

Dialogue 2: Get Benediction

Boooal will become significantly agitated with the players and insist on sacrificing one of their companions.

Nonetheless, players can confront Boooal directly and engage in combat instead.

If players choose to kill any companion, they will be chosen as one of the gods of the Fish people.

The slave will award players a BOOOAL’s Benediction, which increases the attack rolls on bleeding enemies. 

Dialogue 3: Potential Sacrifice

In this dialogue, players can either offer a companion as a sacrifice, use the Persuasion skill and confront him to kill other enemies.

Confronting him will give a sickle with similar abilities to those of BOOOAL’s Benediction, but there should be fish people praying to their god.

Dialogues 4 And 5: Fish People History

These options exist to know the background of the Fish people and determine whom players are talking with.

However, these dialogues are not as critical and don’t help players progress.

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