Sister Lidwin Undead Sinda BG3

Sister Lidwin And Sinda In BG3: House Of Healing Undead Nuns

Sister Lidwin And Sinda are two important NPCs and undead nuns in BG3.

Players can find Lidwin in Chapter One of the First Act at the Dark Urge location. 

On the other hand, players can find Sinda in House of Healing in Rivington during the same act.

Who Is Sister Lidwin In BG3?

Players can first find Sister Lidwin at the Hollow in Druid Grove.

Sister Lidwin is with Komira and Locke in the hospital bed of the House of Healing.

Sadly, the Undead Sisters killed Komira and Locke, but Sister Lidwin doesn’t believe it.

Sister Lidwin thinks Komira and Locke are still alive in the game, even after Locke explains how they died.

Locke suggests that Sister Lidwin, also called Zevior, might be the traitor who betrayed the Infernals after players use a special spell.

Zevior also suggests that the leader of Tiefiling’s Refuge hid with him after helping to kill Komira and Locke.

During the Sister Lidwin event, players must talk to Arabella, Komika, and Locke’s child.

Arabella is upset because her parents are gone, so players must help her find them.

How To Find Sister Lidwin In BG3?

If Players are willing to find Sister Lidwin at Druid Grove, ensure to follow the procedure ;

  1. Talk to Arabella at The Dark Urge and enter the House of Healing. 
House of Healing
Entering House of Healing at the Druid Grove.
  1.  Enter the Children’s Ward at the right side of the Stairs. 
bg3 sister lidwin
Entering the room of the House of Healing.
  1. Interact with Sister Lidwin right beside the dead body of Komika and Locke
bg3 sister lidwin
Approaching Sister Lidwin in the Hospital Bed of House of Healing.

After talking to Sister Lidwin, she starts tending to the bodies of Komika and Locke.

Players can cast the Speak with the Dead spell to talk to Arabella’s father.

Using this spell, Locke reveals all the imposter’s dark secrets and suspicious actions.

Players must inform Arabella about her parents’ deaths as part of Sister Lidwin’s event, linked to the Save Arabella Quest.

Arabella should be waiting in the Player’s camp for news from her parents, but she will flee after she knows the truth.

Nonetheless, players will re-encounter Arabella during the Save Arabella Quest.

Where, players must rescue Arabella, who the Druids have locked up for stealing their Idol.

Who Is Sister Sinda In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Sister Sinda is a member of the Order of the Open Hand, a group of monks who revere the goddess Selûne.

Unfortunately, she has become paralyzed due to a potion’s side effect resulting from Auntie Ethel’s actions.

Engaging in dialogue with Sister Sinda will provide you with insights into her situation and the challenges she’s facing.

Moreover, the order she belongs to potentially uncovers details about her past through a lover’s ring found nearby.

How To Find Sister Sinda In BG3?

To find Sister Sinda in Baldur’s Gate 3, follow these steps:

1. Location

To begin your search for Sister Sinda, head to Rivington, one of the main areas you’ll explore in Act 1.

This is where you’ll find the House of Healing, where Sister Sinda appears.

2. Visit The House Of Healing

Once you’re in Rivington, go to the House of Healing.

The House of Healing is an essential hub for anyone needing help and recovery.

House of healing
Enter the House of Healing.

It’s a prominent building within the town and serves as a place for providing medical assistance and care to the residents.

3. Explore The House

In the House of Healing, make sure to check out what’s inside.

The building could have different rooms, each with its own use and people to talk to.

As you go from room to room, talk to the characters you meet and watch for anything interesting.

Don’t forget to take notice of the stairs that go up to the second floor. You’ll find a sturdy oak door to enter to proceed.

4. Engage In Conversation

While exploring the House of Healing’s hall after entering the door, you’ll eventually encounter the Undead Nurse, guarding the store room.

Approach her, and you can initiate a conversation to learn more about her character and role in the game’s narrative.

Sister sinda bg3
Interact with Sister Sinda.

You can inquire about her backstory, her involvement with the House of Healing, and any other relevant details she might share.

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