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Spider Meat Location And Outcomes In BG3

BG3 is an RPG game with deadly creatures and notorious enemies, so the Spider meat may not surprise many.

Spider meat is the rotten body of a mysterious spider that appears in Gauntlet of the Shar.

Gauntlet of the Shar is a hidden area at the Grand Mausoleum in the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Spider Meat Location In BG3

The Spider Meat, aka Spider carcass, is accessible in Act 2 during Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy Quest.

To start the quest and finally interact with the spider meat, players must converse with Raphael in the Thorm (Grand) Mausoleum, northwest of Reithwin Town.

Players must meet Raphael’s enemy to interact with the spider and head north until they reach the X-648 Y-724 map location.

Gauntlet of shar

Unfortunately, the spider is dead, and players can even lick or sniff the spider’s meal.

Lastly, players can gain additional abilities if they lick it; however, their companions may not be big fans.

What To Do With Spider Meat In BG3? All Outcomes

After reaching the spider’s corpse, they will get four options;

  • Take a good long sniff
  • Give It a lick
  • Study it
  • Leave

Players should not leave, as they will miss the game’s fun part, rather they should go with the options in the following ways;

1. Study It

If players decide to study the dead spider, they shall invest in the Investigation Check to know the cause.

Players will observe recent bites, a weak heartbeat, and a significant injury on the spider’s corpse.

Additionally, they should proceed with their investigation by examining for indications of magical tampering through an Intelligence check.

bg3 spider meat
Use intelligence checks to determine the cause of death.

Following the investigation, players will know the Spider has been dosed with a potion causing the death.

2. Sniff The Spider Meat

If players thoroughly sniff the spider carcass, they’ll detect an unpleasant odor, as indicated by the narrator.

Furthermore, they’ll notice the overwhelming scent of decomposition, a trace of sulfur, and a hint of something aromatic.

3. Eat The Meat

It’s time for the characters to sample the giant spider’s decaying flesh by selecting the “Give It a Lick” option.

If players have companions like Shadowheart, Gale, or Lae’zel, they will express their disapproval of the idea.

The companions are repulsed at the sight of the players consuming the meat, and some may even threaten to leave the party.

Fortunately, Wyll and Astarion, the vampire companion, are not bothered by the players eating the meat.

Perhaps Astarion’s lack of concern stems from his history of consuming even human flesh as a vampire.

Regrettably, upon eating the meat, players will experience a nauseating sensation and taste the flavors of decay and spoiled milk.

Continuing to consume the meat will result in severe stomach pains, making it unbearable.

Guild Arristan: Mating Season
Get the Guild Arristan: Mating Season.

After tasting the meat two times, players will receive Guild Arristan: Mating Season as a reward.

If players are not interested in any of the scenarios, they can simply leave the dialogue option and continue the mission.

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